Mandala Sparks Workshop

Yesterday, we hosted our first live Mandala Sparks Workshop. So much fun! Our inspiration cards, hot off the press, were used to create truly beautiful, original pieces of art.

On arrival, lots of buzz and chat as introductions were made. Tammy introduced the Mandala Sparks inspiration cards, each group then drew one set of cards. The conversations continued as ideas were shared, colours and supplies were chosen. And then something truly wonderful happened…

A quiet came over the room as the mandala creation got underway. The busy lives that had been put ‘on hold’ for a while, gave way to a calm space where the joy of creating art filled the room.

The result? A great afternoon in a shared art experience.

With much gratitude from Tammy and myself, purchases of the Mandala Sparks inspiration cards were made by all. The lives put ‘on hold’ beckoned once more, but a reminder of the joy found in creating art had been sparked.

Thanks to all who participated so enthusiastically and playfully. Photos of the mandalas shared can be found in our gallery; works in progress, as well as, finished pieces.