What people are saying

These are some kind words people have given us after experiencing playing Mandala Sparks

Trevor – I love how this game makes it possible for a logical science nerd like me to tap into some creativity

Kathryn – I’m having so much fun seeing how each entry has similar elements but interpreted differently. Love your paisley border. Great job!

Penelope – Fabulous idea to create cards to prompt new ideas. I too find that I’m using the same motifs and patterns over and over because they’re familiar. My mandala may look a little odd, but there’s a method to my madness. For more than 13 years I’ve been the organizer of a local art group that meets monthly to make art together and trade ATCs (Artist Trading Cards), and this month our meeting is Oct 16th, so I put 9 cards together and drew a mandala linking them all together. Because the corner cards are just as important as the rest, I filled the space with energetic lines. Luckily, one of our ATC themes for this month is abstract. I couldn’t work in stars or paisley, but I managed to get hearts and teardrops well represented.

Ellen – I was working on something for another contest but put it down and did this one right away – so much fun! I really enjoyed incorporating all of the prompts.

Chris –  It was a wonderful experience to create a mandala this way.

Lynda – A bit of a stretch for me since my mandalas are usually flowers and leaves. Great to push me out of the box.

Chaya – What a wonderful idea! Incorporating the sparks resulted in my creating a mandala quite different from any I have ever done before. Good thing I took a nap this afternoon since it’s after 2 a.m. now here! (Please see my preferred final version in the comments below. )

Shazia – Deborah and Tammy! wat a wonderful thought u have come with… Wen someones is blank what to draw they can just play on these cards for the start up… I loved doing this mandala which is really a mystery n interesting too ….i am not good at coloring though… Tried my hands on this cool colors with teardrops, paisley, hearts and stars, concentric circles without division..

Chris – Wow!!! Such a great idea these SPARKS!

Veronica – I have ordered them already!

Nance – Enjoyed being a bit challenged. The cards are a great idea for creating new learning curves and putting wind in the sails.

Becky –  this was a great idea. <3 It really focuses creative energy. 🙂